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Civil law

Legal counselling and formation of contracts and agreements

  • We offer the formation of following contracts and agreements: sales and purchase agreement (for motor vehicle), contract for work, lease and sublease agreements, land tenancy agreement, gift agreement, money loan, pre‑contract, contract withdrawal.
  • Our law firm can guarantee legal aid and counselling in the following cases: conclusion of personal servitude (right of use) and security agreement, settlement of proprietary relationships, conclusion of settlement agreement and agreement on the non‑bank, promissory note loan (without protest), as well as acknowledgment of debt and instalment plan.

Legal representation in civil court proceedings

  • Our lawyers represent you in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings and mediations.
  • We offer client protection against the infringement of their rights.
  • We specialize in the enforcement of proprietary and non‑proprietary claims, recovery of damages and other debts that arose from civil‑law contractual relationships
  • Legal aid for clients who are in a dispute with insurance companies and want to claim their rights to compensation for the partial or total vehicle depreciation after an accident 
Legal assistance in asking the insurance company to compensate for the lost or decreased value of a crashed car – see ČT television report:
Legal assistance in claiming compensation for personal injury after slipping on the neglected, icy road or pavement in winter:
Legal assistance in claiming compensation for personal injury:

Family law

Law firm grants legal aid for settlement of marital proprietary relationships and regimes and prepares “divorce papers” required for the divorce proceeding:

  • divorce petition and marital property settlement
  • child maintenance petition (or wife maintenance petition)
  • agreements on changing the marital property regimes (e.g. prenuptial agreement, property division, etc.)

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